'The Blue' Cover Art LOWER QUALITY copy.jpg

Artwork by Lily Baxter

The Blue - Single

'It's reflective and rich with a poise and pace that can't be faked. 5 mins I'd gladly go in on again and again.' - Declan Byrne (Triple J)

Boxes - Single

'One of those tracks that feels so effortless - it breezes through your ears with a natural ease - but it was probably put together painstakingly in the studio by Stella and her great band.' - Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J)

Boxes_for_distribution (1).jpg

Artwork by Lily Baxter

Stella Farnan 'Act Like a Party' Cover Art by Cat Lawrence

Artwork by Cat Lawrence

Act Like a Party - Single

Winner of the Darebin Songwriter's Award

Love Spill- Single

'A gorgeous, clear and cruisey debut with a voice that'll warm you from the inside out!' - Claire Mooney (Triple J)

the good one copy.jpg

Artwork by Lily Baxter